We give you one month free, then charge $3.99/month per user. Features include:

  • Send and receive unlimited emails
  • Premium support via email or telephone
  • Cancel any time
  • No ads.

    We respect you as our customer, and will never sell your attention or information. We do everything in our power to protect your personal info, including the following security technology:

    • Latest TLS encryption
    • SPF protection
    • DKIM signing
    • DMARC reporting
    • S/MIME or PGP or GPG encryption
    • Minimal to zero storage of your info

    Zero configuration required: we provide all this by default, batteries included, so you don't even have to think about it.

    We don't have a free plan because we believe in offering the best possible service to real customers at the most affordable price we can.

  • Secure payments.

    We trust Braintree (by PayPal) to processes all payments with top-level PCI compliance. Your browser connects directly with Braintree to make the transaction, so our servers never receive your payment details.

  • Satisfaction guaranteed.

    If you find our service unsatisfactory, call us for an immediate refund of your last month. We take honest criticism seriously.

    Also, we won't bill you if you cancel before the end of your trial. No commitment. Worry-free.

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