How it works.

Zinc empowers you to send and receive email without sharing your real email address. This gives you total control over who has access to your inbox.

  • 1. Guard your real email address.

    Whenever someone wants your email, share a unique, permanent, and secure Zinc Email address instead (via our app or plug-ins).

    This puts you in control. You can see who shares it, and you can revoke or restore the address at any time.
  • 2. Send & receive email securely.

    Emails securely forward to and from your normal email inbox.

    We secure all email with the latest authentication technology (SPF, DKIM, ARC), 2048-bit TLS encryption, and we care a lot about privacy.

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  • 3. Stop evil in its tracks.

    Identify how others share your information and revoke it at the click of a button.

    Never accidentally open malware, BEC, or phishing attacks. Use Zinc to control the #1 threat to your network.

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