Email addresses you can unshare.

Share an email alias instead of your real email address. This puts you in control:

  • Receive alerts on unwanted email.
  • See who leaks your email address.
  • Stop spam with a single click.
  • 1. Guard your real email address.

    Whenever someone wants your email, share a unique, permanent, and secure Zinc Email address instead (via our app or integrations).

    This puts you in control. You can see who shares it, and you can revoke or restore the address at any time.
  • 2. Send & receive email securely.

    Emails securely forward to and from your normal email inbox.

    We secure all email with the latest authentication technology (SPF, DKIM, ARC), 2048-bit TLS encryption, and we care a lot about privacy.

    You have 2 new emails.
  • 3. Stop evil in its tracks.

    Identify how others share your information and revoke it at the click of a button.

    Never accidentally open malware, BEC, or phishing attacks. Use Zinc to control the #1 threat to your network.

    Forward Mail?

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