Zinc exists to strengthen our communities through technology.

Protect your inbox.

Our first project, Zinc Email, answers two age-old questions:

  • Where does unwanted email come from?
  • And how do I stop it?

Our browser extension warns you of unsafe email forms, and our Web app lets you safely sign-up without sharing your real email address.

Zinc Emails.

Our members use a new, unique Zinc Email address every time they share their contact information. Your Zinc Email addresses:

  • Last indefinitely
  • Route to your normal inbox
  • Have an on/off switch.

Take control.

As long as you only share each Zinc Email address once, this technology puts you in control:

  • Confidently fill-out email forms without worry.
  • Expose who leaks or shares your information.
  • Instantly disable compromised email addresses.

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