Zinc exists to strengthen our communities.

Invert control.

Imagine if you could unshare your email. Zinc enables you to do this and much more.

  • Find out who sells or leaks your email address.
  • Secure your inbox from attackers, scams, and deceit.
  • Control who can send you email.
  • Reclaim lost productivity.

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By sharing a unique Zinc Email to each new person or organization, we can identify or stop email from unexpected senders.

  • Each address has an on/off switch.
  • Messages forward securely to your normal inbox.
  • We encrypt everything with 2048bit RSA.

As long as you only share each Zinc Email address once, this technology puts you in control:

  • Fill-out email forms without worry.
  • Expose who leaks or shares your information.
  • Avoid scams, phishing, or malware.
  • Take control of your inbox.

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